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Everything Burns

Anger is the ravening beast that has eaten my inner being laying waste to my very essence. Rage. Rage has consumed me. It keeps me prisoner. I am the victim, trapped by circumstances I can not control.

I walk the world burdened as much with hopelessness and despair as I do this crippling fire. It has turned my very core molten. It radiates from my soul now lashing out from my very pores; consuming laughter, love, satisfaction, and peace. Sometimes it feels as if it will finish me in a flash of dark fire until I am nothing but ash in a shell.

I have sought release for years, and still cannot escape it. Perhaps the rage will relent with the death of it's maker, but I fear not. I fear that death will bring no solace, that I will be left with anger and hatred as my legacy. I am my father's daughter.
Tags: anger, despair, rage
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