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Sometimes Mothers' Day is Better Without the Children

I've dropped my middle daughter off at work and have escaped to Panera for some peace.

I woke up happy after a good night. My husband and I hashed things out two nights ago, and we had a really nice evening both during and after our freinds' wedding. He made me feel beautiful and loved. This morning we still had a nice easy detente. My oldest daughter who after causing us so much grief, called me to wish me Happy Mothers Day. Then I walked downstairs.

45 minutes later he's asking why I'm so angry. Filthy kitchen, chores not done, children fighting, children being out right disrespectful and even snotty towards me... He was yelling at them for all of it too and has the nerve to ask me why I'm angry. I couldn't get out of the house fast enough. I broke land speed records dropping off my daughter, making the 30 minute trip in 20, as we sat in stony silence.

I really don't want to pick her up and go back. There was no Happy Mothers Day from them. I wouldn't be so angry except that this is almost a precise repeat of my birthday. I'm tired of my kids taking me for granted. I'd love to just leave for a couple weeks. I'm officially done with holidays that have anything to do with me. They are just too disappointing.
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