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Regaining Motivation and NSV

These last few weeks have been really challenging for me. I've got many more steps in, but I've had less energy for structured exercise. I need to get back into the habit of getting to the YMCA although I have gone to the apartment office gym. This week I tried to start back into longer sessions of cardio on the bike. Unfortunately I've switch to the upright cycles and don't have gel shorts or a seat cover. I had to wait several days afterwards to heal. Over all I've had a reemergence of insomnia, have less energy, and I'm having a harder time with food.

Yesterday I went to Sams with my mom and got my Naturade Total Soy Meal Replacement. It works better for me than the whey products or the Orgain meal replacement I've tried substituting it with. Maybe I need the nutritional supplements in it or it could be the soy itself since it simulates estrogen. Looking back I can see that I started to have trouble sleeping after I ran out, but I haven't read any studies linking soy and better sleep. Come to think of it, insomnia can be part of perimenopause and estrogen can help with that. Maybe there is something to it after all.

In any case, I hope I can get back on track now and start to feel better. I had tried to find an alternative because we prefer Costco's business practices and products in general to Sams and Walmart. Unfortunately I can only affordably get Total Soy at Sams, $20 for 47 servings. Mom took me there to get it and then I took her to get a cart load of stuff at Costco. I hope she keeps her Sams membership so I can continue my Costco.

As for Non Scale Victories, last time I went to strength train at the Powell YMCA I tried the triceps press again. I usually do the triceps curl machine at Gahanna YMCA, but couldn't use the machine at Powell because I couldn't push the handles down past my hips. Well I have comfortable clearance now. That really felt good. I ran into a woman at Aldi a couple weeks ago and she recognized me from the Powell YMCA. She said she saw me working hard on a machine (she didn't know what it was but I believe it was the seated elliptical) and was surprised at how long I'd been on it. Then she tried it and said couldn't do it. She's seen me several times and was really impressed. That was a nice surprise and really made me feel good. Several people have mentioned I'm looking better over all now and my favorite shorts and jeans are hanging down on my hips. I need to wear long shirts to make sure my underwear isn't exposed.

I also need to get a new bathing suit now that pools are open. I really don't need that falling off. I don't want to pay $60 for a new one I'll just have to replace in a couple months either so I'm off to check out Clothes Mentor, which is like Once Upon a Child or Plato's Closet for women. Maybe I can also find a pair of shorts I don't have to pull up.
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