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Roadtrip Immenent, Drink Up

It's funny, but I look forward to school getting out almost as much as my kids. We'll be taking a trip to the Old Mill in Utica for Velvet Ice Cream to celebrate. I'll get frozen yogurt and pick up all kinds of wonderful healthy food afterwards at our favorite little Amish grocers and Legend Hills Orchard.

I've discovered that my Total Soy Meal replacement shakes do help me a lot. I'm sleeping much better now and less hungry and cranky. My favorite thing to do for one of my 5-6 smaller meals is to use iced coffee and cubes with the vanilla to make a shake that tastes like a vanilla Frappe. Krogers is carrying a new product which is dehydrated coconut water you add to 16 oz of water which I love to throw in to my water bottle or the Frappe above. It's 10 calories well spent. True Lemon has crystallized lemon and lime sticks with stevia. I'm really enjoying drinking my water.
Tags: perimenopause, soy, weight loss
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