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Lesson Relearned

We had a wonderful trip yesterday with the kids. I filled up on a turkey wrap and skipped ice cream because they didn't have a flavor of frozen yogurt that appealed to me. Later my DH and I went to look at furniture for the new house. We then went to B Spot. I knew he would love it. I got a burger without bun and split fries with him. I did get a beer and I wish I hadn't. I tried a familiar style, but I didn't really like it that much. I shouldn't have finished it.

I've got really good at not finishing food that I don't care for or stopping when I'm full. Looking back at last night I should have easily just left the beer alone, and yet that old familiar guilt that my mom beat into me at a n early age reared it's ugly head. I won't make the same mistake again. It's never not OK to leave something unfinished. I payed for it whether I drank it or not. Next time I try something new that turns out not to be as good as advertised, I'll leave it be and not waste precious calories and abuse my taste buds with something unpleasant.
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