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Breaking Through The Plateau

We had a good TOPS meeting tonight, short but productive. I weighed in another three pounds down at 296.8 lbs after drinking a ton of water today. I think I've broken May's plateau, and I'm finally moving on. I'm closing in on a major milestone. I haven't weighed under 291 lbs since I got pregnant with my youngest DD who is now 14. Coincidentally 290.4 lbs is also the point when I can say I've lost 20% of my starting body weight. I'm really excited to see 290 lbs.

I stepped up my exercise this week with more cardio in general. I also ate more, especially lean protein. I bought some benefiber to add to my protein supplement shakes because even though I'm eating all the fruits and vegetables I'm supposed to, I can never seem to get in all my fiber and it shows.

I'm a bit sore from the full strength training regimen yesterday, but felt up to a nice ride. I rewarded myself for good behavior with time in the sauna. I used the heat to help me stretch out well. I let the whirlpool massage my knee and hip before I laid in the sun for a bit to soak in some warmth and vitamin D.

This week I mean to make sure I get in my full strength training regimen twice. I did it all yesterday: upper body, core, and legs. My DD works again Thursday and I intend to do the same thing again. I think I'll actually do them one at a time and rest between sets since I'll have the time. Circuit training is brutal. Otherwise I'll keep doing what works.
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