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Life in the Assylum

The only difference between me and thee is who holds the key.

I am a 44 year old mom of four (I can sing you the theme to every kids show for the last ten years to prove it), searching for the answers to life, the universe and everything while trying to catch the kids and the phone at the same time. My guilty pleasures are Fanfic and listening to music with my Streamer on. I love anime. I don't get my hands on Manga so often, but enjoy it as well.

I am overweight and have been for most of my life. I peaked a couple years back at nearly 350 pounds after our last child was born. I am now a member of TOPS which stands for Take Off Pounds Sensibly. In the last two years I have lost 50 pounds. I'm also a member of Century Club In Waiting which is a web support group for TOPS members that have 100 pounds or more to reach goal. They are a wonderful group of people... very supportive.

My life is defined by the roles I fulfill... wife, mother, daughter, and sister. I rarely have time to step away and just be myself. But this is an awfully good start.